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Artificial Grass Playground Turf with Optional Padded Cushioning

If you’re looking to create the perfect playground environment, look no further than The Landscaping People®.

Parents, groundskeepers and school administrators are always on the lookout for a safe environment in which children can play, and our turf products provide just such a safe and comfortable surface for playground areas, common areas, and backyards.

Our synthetic grass playground turf and lawn products are an excellent allergy-free choice for high traffic, heavy usage areas where low maintenance and water conservation is desired. Additionally, because of the consistency and predictability of the surface, and the ability to use a cushioned padding underneath the surface, our synthetic turf products provide a far safer environment than traditional grass installations, helping today’s children play their best, but safeguarding against injuries.

Whether your installation includes a commercial playground, a day care facility, the common area in an apartment complex, or a backyard play area, The Landscaping People has a ​Celebrity Greens® synthetic grass or artificial turf product that will fit your needs perfectly. The best part about our turf installations is that they never need mowing, watering or fertilizing to look great and feel great all year long.

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