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Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Status: Project Completed
Service Package: Landscaping Design, Installation and Maintenance

The Dumolin Residence Project was conceived with the idea of turning its outdoor spaces into the perfect tropical paradise to complement the contemporary construction of this beautiful waterfront property.

The Landscaping People were involved in both  the design and planning as well as the installation and construction of every element in the outdoor area, from the entry and driveway extending all the way to the pool area and ending at the beach front.

The Project features a beautiful wooden deck leading to the beach, a marble and artificial turf paving from the driveway all the way to the front door. Outdoor lighting to make the outside as inviting at night as it is during the day.


Tropical plants were planted throughout, such as Christmas palms, Indian Date palm, Royal palms, Lady palms, Hawaiian tii plant, croton, bromeliads and many more species common to the modern tropical concept created for this space.



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